The best motherfucking website

For real.


You probably build websites using vim and you think that's hardcore. You think your 4.99KB motherfuckingwebsite(.com) is going to get you some award to put on your damn footer as a link. You think your default font is gonna make your website run even on a toaster.

Well, guess what, you're WRONG, motherfucker.

The best kick-ass website

Let me describe the real perfect-ass website which still has the glory of the past motherfuckingwebsites:

Well guess what, motherfucker:

This website is even better than the last guy and the guy before him.


Put even less contrast

Yeah, a #444 is cool but a #454545 is better.

We don't need to break our eyes while looking at a motherfuckingwebsite.

Size matters, yeah, but don't exaggerate

Remember, not everybody is blind, and not everybody wants to read a fucking 2 inches letter on a 27 inches screen, so keep it cool. Don't exaggerate in size, but don't make a text that is only readable by ants.

Put some pictures

white and gray cat looking at you, with his yellow and green eyes
A cat, just to keep the context of the website.

We're not looking at a novel by Stephenie Meyer, this is a motherfuckingwebsite. Add some relevant pictures to give a little bit of context, or to cheer up the reader. Do you really like to waste the power of technology that we have nowadays? Come on, you're using a web browser on a computer, you're not reading a book on a Kindle.

The website shouldn't be overfilled with pictures, but it should make the user happy while reading your nonsense words.

You see the picture of this cute cat? He's happy, and you should be too.

Yes, even this is satire.

But this doesn't mean you should load your motherfuckingwebsite with shitty animations. Keep it simple, minify its resources and use images responsibly. Remember the IPoAC users, less requests (with a small size) = faster load time! Oh and by the way, this doesn't mean that you should use webpack and put everything in a 10MB main.js file, there are people out there who are still using 56k modems and haven't tried futuristic technologies!

Good design is as little design as possible.Some German motherfucker on

That's not entirely true, look at that motherfuckingwebsite. It's so minimal that it seems like I'm reading the txt version of the SMTP RFC (RFC5321)


Actually this website was made to follow the trend of the motherfuckingwebsite and the bettermotherfuckingwebsite. Despite the criticism here, they're beautiful and truly among the best websites on the internet (even though this is still thebestmotherfuckingwebsite), so go check 'em out. Nevertheless, this shows that the internet has taken a really wrong turn - I honestly miss the time when websites were made to convey information. At least, thanks god, we got rid of pop-ups.

Seriously, follow some of the advice we gave you, they'll "make the web great again"


This website was created by an annoyed developer that can be followed on X, followed on GitHub or contacted here, on his ultra-minimalist website


The cat picture was taken from the cool Pixabay website: check it out, it's really cool and full of CC0 (aka Public Domain) content. The author is 1899441 (seriously? His username looks like my PIN code!), the old picture was by aloiswohlfahrt, but I had to change it, cause it was too heavy and too cute. You can open an issue on GitHub if you think that this decision goes against the rules of a good looking motherfuckingwebsite.


This website can be freely copied, modified, altered, distributed without any attribution whatsoever. However, if you feel like this website deserves an attribution, mention it. It won't hurt anybody :)

Please, read the license terms.

Don't worry, it can be read in less than 30 seconds, and it's really worth reading it all.


Since this website includes some contributions, and I'm not an asshole, I'll publically thank the following users for their help: